Location… location…

Due to the confused looks on my parents faces when I describe my location in Italy, I’ve decided to add a few maps to clarify things.


To begin with: this is Italy.


And this is a closer view, showing both Florence and Rome.  Many of my dear friends are studying in Orvieto, a city to the north-northwest of Rome, about half the way to Rome from where I will be staying.


And this is yet an even closer map, showing the area in Southern Tuscany where Castiglion Fiorentino is located.  Just to the south of Castiglion is the city of Cortona where one of my all time favorite movies was filmed. 


The movie is based on Frances Mayes novel from her own experiences.  A major difference between the movie and the book, is that the real Frances moved to Tuscany with her husband and established a residence.  It was not about her soul searching after a bad divorce.  My favorite character of the movie is Katherine, played by Lindsay Duncan, an American ex-patriot who adores ice cream, dances drunkenly in a fountain reinacting a scene from La Dolce Vida, and wears amazing, giant hats with feathers.  She is lovely and I only hope to be as fabulous sometime in my life. (Perhaps I should start with a hat?)



2 thoughts on “Location… location…

  1. Laura, I’m so excited for you that you’re in Italy! I absolutely loved my experience there in Castiglion Fiorentino. I look forward to hearing about yours! Take care!

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