Arezzo_ a while ago

Greetings all!  We travelled to Arezzo within the first week of being here in Italy… hard to imagine that was nearly a month ago!  So, in continuation of the little reinforced custom I’ve decided to follow, I will write a blog about each city we go to.  Mostly just to fill in some space between all the photos. (At this point I have taken over 2,000 photos- yay for digital!  It saves so much space.)  At this point I’ve been to lots more places, most of the past week we were in Rome.

Arezzo_ an old city by any culture, was founded during the Etruscan times, “inhabited” by the Romans and now, is a local shopping paradise.  SALDI!  Italians have really gone for the gold in window shopping here.  Downside?  Probably the shop keeper standing right inside the door doing some pedestrian window shopping of their own.  Agriculture, antiques, and gold jewelry are part of the culture of this now 10,000 citizen city.  We went on Jan 31st, which happened their antique market day.  As I have learned with my avid flea market going parents, there is alot of stuff out there (mostly about sewing machines, fenton glass, oil lamps, iron tools, and railroad lanterns_their favorite things).  Some things are real, some fake, some old and here in Italy, some really old fakes.  The little steep streets were lined up with all sorts of odds and ends, mirrors, furniture, pashima scarves and colored plastic cheap sunglasses. 


We visited a few of the churches there, and then spent time finding pizza, gelato, an awesome vintage store.  These are some of my favorite pictures. 



Medici and other crests
Medici and other crests

My pizza…p1030853




And my first gelato in Italia…


Back from Arezzo we set up a little still life with my new vintage silk scarf and some of our pre-dinner treats.



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