Siena_ on my birthday!

Hello everyone!  So I am updating the blog finally (if you call updating adding information from 7 weeks ago).

Santa Chiara view at sunset

 I was SO lucky to be able to travel to Siena for my 22nd birthday, February 11.  It is one of my top three cities to see in Italy, following 1. Florence, 2. Venice, and then 3. Siena.  The day started out early, hiking around the town over to Piazza Giribaldi where we hopped on the bus for a twisty ride through Tuscany to the west.  Not only was the city super awesome, its still basically a complete medieval town.  Our guide was a the cutest little lady.  She told us, “If it seems like I’m talking alot, it is because normally I am only talking with my three year old.”  She had a bright (italian) shiny quilted hot-pink coat and spoke super fast.  Her bouncy black curls were held back by a glitter aqua blue clip. We started out over by the Pope’s fortress and worked around the city down into the valley and then back up to the cathedral.

Siena Cathedral full-siena-facade-and-tower

Siena Cathedral

p1040531 p1040577

Inlaid marble "paintings"
Inlaid marble “paintings”


Chapel with "Never been restored" frescos
Chapel with “Never been restored” frescoes


I had cake for my birthday
I had cake for my birthday!





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