Assisi_ where Francis is the homeboy

So a beautiful city, my third favorite city in Italy, pink stone, built on a gorgeous hill above a green valley that sparkles under the late winter sunshine. Check out the photos below.

Below is one of the Residence Coordinators from the Santa Chiara school, in concert.  Her name is Vanessa Peters and she plays with an italian band called Ice Cream on Mondays.  Her music is very soulful and alittle folksy.  I love it.  Her concert gave me a great introduction to her style.  Music skills aside she is  a wonderful person and has been extremely helpful to us in Italy. I strongly encourage anyone to look up her


Assisi, the hometown of St. Francis, famous for his communication with nature, and preaching to birds. There are actually three churches in this picture below.  A lower church (the oldest), beautifully initmate with brightly colored vaulting and my favorite madonna and child in Italy, then a soaring upper church (damaged by the earthquake in 1990’s with frescoes that have been pieced back together with the help of digital technologies, and the youngest, the crypt church, built around St. Francis’s grave.  The exterior of the church, as well as most of the town in built in white and pink stone from the nearby mountain.  The medieval city blends together like a flower on the deep green hillside covered in olives.








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