Venice_ flooding/floating

Venice has to be one of the most bizarre cities, at least in our archetypal city image. Where else to we immediately picture Gothic palazzos floating above smooth teal canals and men with long sticks and striped shirts with ribbon hats?

One of the few cities in Italy not to have a wall, Venice is protected by the complex channels of the merchants of Venice. The channels were to difficult to navigate under the choppy teal waters so all the invaders just ran around and had to beg for forgiveness. A pretty good strategy as I see it.

We traveled to Venice right before spring break, March 10-12. There is lots to see there, many intrigues and tourist traps as well. I can officially vouch for the silent city of the night, walking across the island to Saint Mark’s square it was more than a little creepy to wind our way through the narrow alleys and along dimly lit canals.  My favorite part of seeing Venice was the atmosphere that the lagoon gives to the city, almost like a city on the moon by its strangeness.

Historical and political center of Venice including Doges Palace, Saint Mark’s Basilica.p1060102

San Marco facadep1060161

Portion of the Grand Canalp1060204

Piazza San Marco with tide rising pushing water up from under the paving. p10602341

View from Saint Marks to Grand Canalp1060348

Shells on beach Lido Island where our hotel was.p1060260

S. Calatrava bridge, the only contemporary bridge over the Grand Canal.p1060413

The Bridge of Sighs under restoration.  p1060469

Sweet reflection of Saint Mark’s in the Piazza.p1060446

Carlos Scarpap1060477

Scarpa door with Jim and Sally.p1060488

Grand Canalp1060547

Sunset from Murano Islandp1060595

Murano Island glass sculpturep1060591


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