Verona_ city of romeo and juliette

There is a reason that Shakespeare placed his romantic city in Verona.  It is so beautiful, filled with beautiful piazzas and people, nestled under the mountains.  The grand sidewalk in the central square was paved in marble, as well as the long shopping district.  Verona isn’t that far from Venice, only a couple hours west by train.

Its a city I could live in for sure.

Part of Shopping district, see the crazy dressed couple of “ladies” near the Louis Vuitton windows.p1060599

Carlos Scarpa, Banco Populare, a special tour for the K-State group.p1060602

Amazing light fixture above red spiral stair, square to round hand blown glass.p1060632

Castelvecchio, location of Carlos Scarpa museum design. First day like spring.p1060655

Really cool display cases for the museum pieces.p1060696

Verona from the tower.  In the very far distance you could see snow capped mountains.p1060755


My steel ribbion stair in person! (design from last semester)p1060765

Scarpa has some really awesome stairs in general, I will upload my watercolor of this picture after returning to the states.p1060795

Classmates in the sun.p1060820

Populated piazza.p1060832


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