London!_I could live here…

Our Spring Break began in London, flying in from Verona, Italy.  It was such a relief to understand the language, though it was a downside that our conversations were being listened to.  :)  We all really loved London.  I was so suprised that Spring was blooming just as fast in England as it was in Tuscany.  Our favorite area was Convent Garden, the location of the best Fish and Chips place we found and some great little pubs mixed with residential and shopping.  One of the greatest highlights of the trip was going to the Snow Patrol concert at the O2 arena.  The place was packed, and the concert was the best one I’ve ever been to.  The architecture and culture of London was worth the trip for sure.

Swiss Re headquarters by Norman FosterP1060882

Me and the Boys, Jim and JoshP1060870

New London City HallP1060888

“London Bridge”  not the actual one, but the fabled oneP1060892

Leaning Ball London full color

City ModelP1060918

House of ParlimentP1060931

Spring in on of London’s many public parksP1060964

Snow Patrol concert in the O2 arena.  Amazing concert!P1070024

The place was super packedP1070021

O2 arenaP1070047

Tate Modern, old hydroelectric plant


City View from Tate ModernP1070109

Parliment from Westminster gardensP1070147

Westminster AbbeyP1070138

Abbey Road, Beatles album cover (Jim, I, Josh, Sara)abbey road

London Eye                                P1070190



British Museum P1070269


Sculptures from the Partheon in AthensP1070302



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