Paris_ spring in France

The last leg of our Spring Break tour brought us through Paris from London under the Chanel (Eurostar train) for a few days before returning back to Italy (plane) into Rome into Castiglion (train). Traveling allstars by this time, it was a huge perk to be able to go under the English Channel in the Chunnel.  One of my friends, Jim, was busy eating a sandwich and looking at a new book he had bought at a museum in London, and completely missed it.  I was napping on and off.  We had been going through a few tunnels already heading out of London, but then as I opened my eyes infrequently one period of darkness was especially long, the chunnel.  About half an hour after crossing into the rolling French countryside from the Chunnel, 1.5 hours into the 2 hr ride, Jim excitedly asked me when we going to go through the Chunnel.  Least to say he didn’t believe me when broke the news that the IKEA we had just passed had french words all over it.  So, if you ever plan to go through the Chunnel, watch out, you just might miss it. 

We had become very used to English while in England, France was a challenge_ none of us spoke any french.  But we got by very well and never had any problems with any of the supposedly “rude” french citizens.  They were all very nice to us, and many times we were pretty sure that the Parisians couldn’t decide where exactly we were from, with Italian, Spanish, and English all mixed when we talked with shop owners.  We were only in Paris for a few days, but my highlight was seeing a new museum designed by Jean Nouvel, the Musee du quai Branly, along the river just east of the Eiffel Tower.  It contains Indigenous Art from all over the world and had a free admission for youth night while we were there.  I had used this museum for a case study of growing walls that I incorporated in my semester long project last fall.  I had a book on my desk all semester about this place, so I was alittle obsessed you might say. 

 Eiffel TowerP1070330

Eiffel Tower through Monument to PeaceP1070332

Monument to Peace, frosted glass with Peace in hundreds of languagesP1070338



Musee du Quai Branly, a project I love, done by architect Jean NouvelP1070378



Growing wall, winterP1070407

Champs de Elysees, shopping boulevard with Triumphal Arch at endP1070430

Notre Dame CathedralP1070453


Rose WindowP1070494


Exterior with blooming magnoliaP1070541

San Chappelle, built as a chapel to for the King, adjacent to old Palace which is now the Judical realmP1070452

Entrance Side (west) Rose windowP1070553

Lower ChurchP1070559

Chapel nave, photo taken towards east, this structure is famous for its use of stained glass, the roof nearly hovers above the light.P1070565


Rose window from interiorP1070607

Musee du Quai Branly with Eiffel Tower at duskP1070636

Eiffel Tower sparkling P1070707



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