Tivoli_ fountains and ruins

Tivoli is located just to the northeast of Rome.  My parents were invited along for this bus trip from Castiglion.  This was one of the most beautiful and warmest weather days we had so far.

Villa d’Este courtyard, Renaissance mansion built in 1550 for Cardinal Ippolito d’Este.  The big deal is the gardens.  P1080706


Giant framed view looking towards Rome and to the Mediterranean Sea.P1080729

Avenue of a hundred fountainsP1080749 



Huge fountains, see the tiny people opposite me?P1080788




Mansion spiral stairP1080863

Tivoli cityP1080864

Hadrian’s Villa, this is the location of the emperors palace away from the city.P1080869

Ancient olive treesP1080882

the Canopus, the reason to go to Hadrian’s Villa.P1080904

ONE of the many baths buildings.  Can you imagine the size of these vaults? Oh, and he is 5’6″P1080930

Mosaic floor patternP1080952

Maratime Theater ruinsP1080957

Olive groveP1080958

Temple of VenusP1080962


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