Lake Tresmino_ Isola Maggiore

A day trip for just my parents and I, south to one of the large lakes in Italy, only slightly smaller than Lake Como in the north. It has 4 islands, but only the largest is inhabited, Isola Maggiore.  It was so fun to take the ferry out to the island and walk around the whole thing.  The village is known for Irish lace making, a skill imported to the island around 1920 when times were getting tough for the citizens.  It was absolutely beautiful and very intricate.  Olive trees there were very old and scraggly shared the island with a castle/monastery, a village, a picnic beach, harbor, and monuments to the time Saint Francis spent there preaching to the fish.  Visiting the lake was a completely different experience than most during my trip, so much more quiet and peaceful!  The aqua waters were glassy smooth as we left that afternoon.

Leaving Castiglion del Lago on the ferryP1090053


Castle on Isola MaggioreP1090066

Village HarborP1090070

Village street, see the tiny lady?  The chairs are a great comparison.P1090075

Lace making museumP1090077


Olives and church bell towerP1090095

View from top of the island northeastP1090114

Medieval Church where “Under the Tuscan Sun” wedding scene was filmed.P1090135

Village StreetP1090139

Leaving on the ferryP1090146





Castiglion del Lago’s castle



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