Volterra_ ancient seat of vampires?

In our popular society world, the one written by Stephanie Meyer (author of the Twilight series), Volterra is the ancient city seat of the most powerful vampires.  We were there only a few weeks before the Italian filming of the second movie, New Moon. So if anyone is planning on seeing this second movie of the series, look for the city symbols from my photographs.

The Volterra of reality is really ancient, it has the oldest city hall in Italy, the Palazzo Priori built in 1246.  It also has one of the most impressive collections of Etruscan artifacts in its Etruscan Museum.  As a ceramicist, the Etruscan pottery forms where incredibly impressive and inspirational.  Gold jewelry and tiny carved animal figures in stone were so cool to see.  It was like they could jump from the case.  We spent half of our day in Volterra, travelling to another city for the evening.

Volterra scratchpan

City hall, under neath the clock tower is the setting for event in New MoonP1090612

Volterra alleyP1090616

Lantern on city hallP1090618

light is the most powerful force in our worldP1090622

Cathedral interior, friends Sara and SallyP1090624

Baptistery exteriorP1090628



Tall man figure, thought to have been buried as a spike in the fields for fertilityP1090639


Gold laurel wreathP1090645


Carved animal figures in stoneP1090650

Etruscan gold jewelryP1090651


Old fortress from museum window, now is a fitting penitentiaryP1090672

Always continuing the study, my friend MaryP1090674


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