Pistoia _modern art/villa celle, old pistoia

For this trip, it was just K-State students and professor, plus two other of his professor friends at the school.  We got our own full size bus, everyone had their own seat, a luxury in itself.  Our first destination of the day was a villa above the city of Pistoia, Villa Celle to be exact.  The owner of the estate is an art collector of a special kind.  He selects artists that he likes to come to the property and do sculptural works in their own chosen location in the estate.  Some of the works were alittle strange, and during the tour although they were explained to us, some still were more than I could understand.  My favorite artwork was a red-orange floating sculpture on the lake.  It was only one of two pieces that were commissioned directly for a location on the extensive English garden. The tour was an adventure of itself due to the storms that passed by before, after, and during the tour, but honestly, the pictures I took and the artwork were in a one of a kind state with the rain and parting clouds.  It is amazing what only alittle bit of water can do to stone, soil, blades of grass, brass, and mirror.  Well, you’ll see.


Incoming storm from window in modern wing addition of villa.P1090801

Interior installationsP1090793

This room looks like it has floating planes of glass, but really it is only teal edges floating in space.P1090797



Striped human mazeP1090825

Sculpture inspired by Galileo’s experiments.P1090829

Installation amended by nature.  The tree fell down a few years ago, altering the work that was originally inspired by the tree itself.P1090831

My one of my favorites, a work done by landscape artist Beverly Pepper, an amphitheater for music and other performances.P1090835

A work that is experienced by walking up the path into the hill and through the dark passage inside.  The exit is in the glass cube.P1090846


Subtle axis shown by tree and column. P1090866

Floating work P1090871

Mirrored outdoor sculpture and classmateP1090876

interior of mirror sculpture P1090881


wisteria and waterfall at villa gate P1090891

Downtown Pistoia, the church is the striped building on the right. P1090895

Best gnocchi ever P1090899

Apple dessert P1090904

Cafe, or what we call espresso P1090907


They’ve got refuse covered, all types, and in the best way.P1090923

Church facadeP1090924

Interior, the pulpit on the left is by Giovanni PisanoP1090927

We visited on the Friday following Easter, and the flowers were still beautiful.P1090940


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