Castello di Montecchio_ on the near horizon

During the last week of studies we finally got our chance to go to the castle right across our own short valley, Montecchio.  Quite famous, the castle was even on a postage stamp.


You might have seen it as a vague outline in some earlier pictures taken from Santa Chiara across the valley.  It was a great honor to be invited into the walls and given a tour by the Duchess who resides there now.  Surrounded by olive groves bending up and down the surrounding hills, the castle is an ongoing research lab.  There is much excavation and students from all over the world come to research there, and stay in the other remaining home within the walls, across the small gardens from the duchess’s own home.

An aerial image of Castello di Montecchio.Castello monteccho aerial

Valley picture from late January, the first morning in Castiglion. This was how I was most familiar with Montecchio.P1030486

Montecchio as we approachedP1100162

Near the gate but still in the olivesP1100169

Classmates infiltrating the castle gate.P1100171

Castle from the insideP1100195

Edge of the duchess’ home.P1100179



Hiking back for dinner amid the poppies.P1100200


Castiglion from MontecchioP1100165

In the time that we weren’t traveling, eating, or sleeping, we were in studio.  This was my desk_ in case you ever wondered if we were doing work.P1100157

We also did a great deal of eating gelato. :)P1100112


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