Firenze_ last visit this trip!

We had really spread things out in Florence, only seeing a couple of sites every time we went.  And there is no shortage of things to see in the city that began the Renaissance, we went at least eight times.  This last trip included a tour of the Pitti Palace garden, the Boboli.  The Pitti Palace was owned by many powerful families but known mostly as one of the Medici residences.  A covered hallway stretches all the way from the city hall to this ‘home,” at least 1/3 mile over other city buildings, a bridge covered in jewelry shops, and some (most-likely) other homes of Florentines.  From the Boboli gardens at the back of the palace there is an excellent view of the Firenze skyline.



Neptune and his trident in the fish pondP1100210

Pitti PalaceP1100211

Drinking fountains with lovers heads.  Villa Celle has a set of them as well.P1100213

Walls of the peony and roses gardenP1100234

Sculptures and school childrenP1100249

Creepy treesP1100256

My happy place in Boboli gardens with pillows of white marble.P1100257

My chosen pillow.P1100260

My nap on said pillowP1100264

Island fountain gardenP1100278

Avenue up past the island garden past pillows to sculpture head.P1100282

Temporary recreation of Pompeii gardens.P1100287

The citrus house at Pitti Palace.P1100289

Hundreds of citrus readied for the adventure outside into spring after a long winter.P1100292

Beautiful parrot tulips.P1100301

Grotto sculpture near the palaceP1100317

The next day was Thursday! Time to get away from all the craziness and relax in the countryside painting.P1100348

Setting up by the roadside.P1100357

Our subject…P1100358

… my painting


Packing up before the rain comes.P1100359

Gabriele took us to see some of the countryside that we hadn’t seen on our trips back in far history.  This is a cemetery of Australian, British, and Canadian soldiers from WWII.  Serene in the rain.P1100380


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