Castiglion_last painting, a fair, gelato, and agriturismo!

 The very last weekend was absolute bliss. That is, at least it was, as I look back now savoring that time through photographs. (sigh)

Toward the hilltop where we painted on our last outing for watercolorP1100853


outdoor classroomP1100879

vineyard to valleyMay 2 Chiana Valley vineyard

my view for the paintingP1100885

an interested landowner, off to burn branchesP1100891

learning about baby grapesP1100895

texture of new spring grape leaves, and the starts of grape clusters P1100920

Gabriele’s “forget-me-not” tiny purple flower and my dear friendsP1100931

Not so bad for a last trip out with the brushes.  Such a good time!P1100932

Gabriele being sad about us leaving.P1100933

Earbud playing Frank Sinatra to spider in the grasses.  Best photo ever :)P1100939

Castiglion from the eastP1100947

A fair in Castiglion and a fair in Kansas don’t differ that much, machinery.P1100948

Gelato at the Coco Palm, the most vareities of any time I was there. Creamy flavors.P1100959

Fruity flavors, pompelmo (grapefruit), kiwi, limone (lemon), fragola (strawberry).P1100958

Solar power meets medieval slate roof homes.P1100964

Truffle products and whole truffles, a product of Tuscany.P1100967

my friend Mr. Vulcano shows off his solar hot water tubes.P1100969

Carnival outside medieval wallsP1100976

Street after the morning rainP1100989

La CollegiataP1100997

Cafe Ignorante patioP1110010

ink wash sketchcafe ignorante

Visiting the agriturismo, la pievuccia, where my favorite wine in Italy was made, from Santa Chiara its just down in the valley.  Honey, olive oil, and wine, among other items are made on the farm.  Agriturismo is a program that the government supports, bringing turism money to the farmers of the area, encouraging them to keep growing the food of Italy. Learning why the bees left the this hive.P1110024

Standing in the Chardonnay vineyardP1110026

machines for wine makingP1110036

table tennis in the olive groveP1110048

Italian Garfield, my neighborP1110094


One thought on “Castiglion_last painting, a fair, gelato, and agriturismo!

  1. Nice places, like some others in Piacenza province, situated in the hills at the beginning of the Val Tidone, and only a brief distance from the cities of Milan, Piacenza and Pavia. Very cool

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