classes done_ wider horizons ahead

We finished our classes in Castiglion and I headed down to stay the night with a K-State friend in Orvieto.  It was hard to move out of our rooms and get everything into our packs, but somehow it happened.  Heading out the door to the study center, our hugs, tears, and goodbyes cut our hike short down to the station.  Least to say we had plenty of time to wait for the gelateria to open and then a huge gelato to give a (first) farewell to Castiglion.  After returning for the last night of the festival, I hopped the train to Rome for a night. The next morning our train took us to the airport where we said our final farewells to Italy.

Last gelato at Coco Palm!P1110111

Me and all my stuff ready to travel europe for two weeksP1110114

Sunshine on the mosaics of the Orvieto duomoOrvieto duomo

ornate exterior with inlays, carvings, and bronze sculpturesP1110127

interior (much brighter than in march in the rain when we visited as a class)P1110141

Stained glass windowP1110144

The measures of Castiglion Fiorentino (each town had their own) with Gabriele’s paintings displayed for the festival.P1110157

Gabriele’s artichoke patch.  I was invited to dinner, and we had artichoke risotto for dinner that night.  Fun!P1110165


My last night there was a festival and I was invited up with some people from Santa Chiara to watch them from a rooftop terrace.P1110188


at the Cassero tower with my favorite tree in CastiglionP1110225

i wasn’t the only one leaving P1110230

all headed to the train stationP1110235

youth parade/rally/protest/reason to play loud speakers on flatbed trucksP1110240

urban roman plazaP1110242


a tearful goodbye for now to italy at the Trevi FountainP1110247


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