Mykonos_ my greek island

Mykonos was truly a paradise from the grueling travel of every other day field trips.  Great food, friends, and plenty of time in the sun.  Not to mention that it was the most incredible water ever!  With turquoise, cobalt, and deep purple water and the vivid painted domes of churches, white sands, and multitudes of geraniums as large as shrubs in tones of orange, pink, and red, Mykonos was a relaxing colorful experience.

Starting our journey from mainland port to island.  Early morning ferry.P1110786


an island where the ferry stopped briefly to let off passengers before heading to Mykonos.P1110804

the port control in Mykonos Citybad ass lady cop

Our hotel pool and breakfast area P1110926



exterior entrance and neighborsP1110827

view while sunbathing P1110810

beach close to our hotel P1110811


“Super Paradise Beach” where we took the yellow boat to snorkel, and where an octopus winked at me :)P1110910


Super Paradise Beach P1110912

Mykonos City street  lindsey in road


Mykonos City from windmills mykonos city


mykonos windmills


Church in Mykonos Citymykonos chiesa yellow roses

mykonos chiesa


“little venice” in Mykonos CityP1110876



Steamed mussels served in a giant shell.P1110920

Night in Mykonos CityP1110901

Cruise Ship lights up the bayP1110904

Fun ferry ride back to Athens port. Next stop Barcelona, Spain!P1110934


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