Research trip to Glasgow, SCOTLAND

So, its hard to believe, but I will be starting my travels with my studio mates to Scotland tomorrow.  Europe again.  Who would have guessed I would be back so soon.  We are leaving on Friday, October 2, and will return to KC on Friday, October 9.

So for the previous Europe tour, I still have the cities of Barcelona and Paris.  So close to finishing it up, and I’d hoped that I would before leaving again, but well, that seems to be how it goes, always a step ahead in doing, and a step or two behind in reflecting.  The same goes with my sketchbooks from Italy, way behind on those.  They will be next after finishing up the blog, but its a different degree of reflection I suppose.

Of course I will be adding some of my summer travels to Portland and from around my home in central Kansas.

Then, eventually, Scotland reflections.

If you would like to learn a bit more about my studio, our project (a residential component to a special school), and what we are doing, check out our website below.  My friends and I have been doing most of the graphics, and the logo is my own creation.  Enjoy!

Our studio’s website

Hazelwood School Website

Below are some images of the Hazelwood School to give you a bit more idea of what we will be doing.hazelwood-school-in-glasgow-uk-by-gmad-1




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