Barcelona_ more than you think pt 1

I wanted to visit Spain mostly for the culture, especial Catalonian culture (Barcelona), it wasn’t until I was there that I realized that the city of Barcelona was huge and its architecture as various as its people.  Barcelona has miles of white sand beaches, hundreds of museums, incredible tapas, interesting fashion, and what I felt was the best shopping besides Florence during my time in Europe. These are photos from the early part of the 5 days we spent there (hence pt 1).

Torre Agbar by Jean Nouvel, very near to our hostelP1110939





Agabar Tower cropped

Monument to removed citizensP1120016

Frank Gehry’s woven fish form P1120022

beach goersP1120045

fish tail in the sunP1120047

Gehry’s weavingP1120051

new development along beachP1120053

access balconiesP1120059

Natural Gas building, shaped like a butterflyP1120069




View from our hostel windowP1120086

Paella with seafoodP1120083

Richard Meier’s Museum of Contemporary Art P1120090






first sight of the architectural freeform master Antoni Gaudi.  He drew an incredible amount of inspiration from natural forms around his home city of Barcelona.  The tiles that he uses on atriums and building exteriors are incredible.

Casa BatlloP1120148


Casa MilaP1120168

Other more contemporary architecture north of Las RamblasP1120169

Casa Mila on our tour dayP1120178

Seaweed inspired doorsP1120182

sectional model of Casa Mila includes vaulting in attic space.  It had been meant for use of tenants of the apartment for hanging up wet laundry.P1120195

reconstruction of the suspended chain models Gaudi used to understand the countering forces to be dealt with.  (this is the cathedral model)P1120206

cathedral model showing intricacies of formP1120214

Roof sculptures on Casa MilaP1120222

Seaweed wrought iron balconyP1120263




plaster roofingP1120255



So, some shop lifters tried to steal Josh’s bags, then some police in street clothes caught them as they were running away after Josh yelled at them.  Then the lady cop had to interview Josh and get an incident report from him (in chairs under umbrella).  Lindsay is nervous as she eats her sandwich wondering what she could be asking Josh, and she is just happy it wasn’t her.  Mmmm sandwich. P1120275


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