Barcelona_ more than you think pt 2

the second section of images of my Barcelona travels shows a couple of architect Antoni Gaudi’s great masterpieces.  The city of Barcelona has tons to show, and although we spent almost five days there, we missed seeing some really interesting things, but that just means that my friends and I will have to go back in 2026 when the Sagrada Familia Cathedral is planned to be completed. :)

new food market in Barcelona, el mercat de Santa Caterina, incredible structure and roof over the older traditional market

el mercat de Santa Caterina, the Saint Catherine Market, traditional and modern

interior of market

back side

Casa Batllo tour

Dragon spine stair

Atrium with graduated blue tiles, dark to light, top to bottom

Front apartment windows, blown glass and carvings

knobby knees in stone

ceramic and glass tile

backside of casa batllo

Ceramic wall fountain

watery image through glass

atrium tile

attic ventilation between arches

glass mosiac on roof opeining, sculpture

venting and chimneys on roof

ridgeline at street front facade

attic space

spiral stair and ceiling

Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece still under construction,  you can see the difference in date by comparing the darkness of the stone that has been exposed to the elements longer

modern construction techniques

windows ready for their bright stained glass

western “Passion” facade

Drawing of building with colored zones showing what has been completed.  The planned date for completion is 2026 if you would like to start planning a visit.

aerial image of construction site

tour path on architectural plan

side aisle windows

construction worker on stairs, shows the enormus scale of the building

granite and stained glass with scaffolding in nave

taking the tower tour, observing the construction and scale first hand

Structure in steel reinforcing bars for center tower

Cathedral towers over the city of Barcelona

stairwell in western facade tower

mosaic sculptures showing fruits of the autumn, at left persimmons, at right apples


traveling is always more fun with friends, but make sure you have digital camera, so you can preview and retake pictures if they surprise you :)

spiral stair

three types of stone, chosen for their structural strength, white-granite, grey-basalt, red-porphyry

incredible stained glass

bronze doors

Gaudi designed tiles with sea inspired textures

ink drawing of completed Cathedral

Eastern “Nativity” facade, notice the contrast to the stark “Passion” on the west

if you want to see more about the Sagrada Famila, visit their website

Barcelona Pavilion rebuilt, designed by Mies van der Rohe for as the pavilion for Germany in the 1929 World Exposition in Barcelona.  Amazing to see, even better to walk through an icon of modern architecture.


Santiago Calatrava’s telecom tower

On our last day in Barcelona we decided to take it easy, no big sites to see, just to experience the beach area.

new food market in neighborhood along beaches in central Barcelona, La Barceloneta.  Beautiful place.

plaza outside of market

nachos for the first time in 3 months at food stand along the white sand beaches

caught them sleeping!

architects Herzog and de Meuron’s Forum Edifico, a strange floating blue triangle building with glass slashes through it.

Art exhibit using postcards to make larger images of barcelona

crazy bright bathroom.  Leave it to Herzog and de Mueron

Wooden model of Barcelona, beach section, the Forum Edifico is located in the bottom left hand side, a low triangle in white

Leaving Barcelona for Paris.  There was so much that we didn’t have time to do there.  Barcelona was awesome, and I definitely plan on going back.


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