Paris_ last leg of the journey pt 1

Our last stop in europe was Paris.  I loved it, even more than last time.  A huge highlight of our three days there was going to the Louvre.  It was fantastic.

the paris metro map, a pretty big city:)

funny illustrated map that shows central paris icons

gardens of the Louvre, picnic lunch

entry to Louvre

there were a few other visitors…

token, “I was here,” picture

inside of architect I.M. Pei’s pyramid entrance

paintings of the various Louvre castles of the past

the medieval louvre, now excavated and part of an exhibit

walking around the dungeon

one of my favorite parts of Paris, along with all of the infamous artwork in the Louvre, was watching all the people watch Paris, check it out.

Venus de Milo

Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss

Nike of Samothrace

We had seen a lot of medieval paintings during our time in Italy, so in honor of my friends Mary and Sally, we tried to do a recreation pose of the painting behind us.  Not until we got home did I realize that it was completely wrong, backwards and all. Haha, the joke was on Jim and I.

Mona Lisa room.

do you think that she is silently making fun of all the people watching her?

french crown jewels

the ceilings were beautiful

the Venus de Milo is even in the painting

another one of the best parts of the Louvre was seeing the Italy I love painted by masters.  It all seemed familiar somehow.




king’s apartments in the Louvre castle

sculpture court

stunning setting

ramp and spiral elevator

inverted glass pyramid

next blog, second day in Paris!


2 thoughts on “Paris_ last leg of the journey pt 1

  1. Hello Laura,
    I have been trying to order something from you via etsy.
    However, I am not a member of facebook, and do not
    intend to join. Is there any other way that I can order?
    Jean Cagianello

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