paris_a walk around town_part 2


On the second day in Paris we visited a few landmarks of the city we had missed during our Spring Break visit.  The first was the Centre Pompidou by architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, or the inside-out building.  All the systems, structure, circulation, etc are exposed and categorized by a different color.  In this quaint neighborhood in Paris, it was a pretty revolutionary move to make in the mid 1970’s.  It rises above the traditional height of the walk up buildings surrounding it.  The views of paris from the top were amazing!  Just outside of the Centre Pompidou, the sculptor Brancusi’s studio has been remade by architect Renzo Piano in his more contemporary style.

Brancusi studio

Notre Dame

Jean Nouvel, Arab World Institute.  Incredible shading system within the glass that creates geometric patterns.



roof view

Closest we go to the Opera

Sacre Coeur Cathedral, Monmartre district, 100 yards from our hotel

the views are pretty great

other people think so too…

Final day in Paris! Paris_Versaille_ part 3, stay tuned!


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