Paris_hot sunday, legendary palace_pt 3

On our last day in Europe, Jim and I went to see the legendary and extravagant Palace of Versailles. Crowds were large and the temperatures were extremely high, but it was worth it, a must see of the opulent life of the last French King and Queen.  The crowds were there not to see the Palace, but to frolic on the grounds.  Fountains, sculpture, and topiary are surrounded by neatly manicured lawns and gravel pathways.  Further from the palace is Marie Antoinette’s play land, a cute little country ‘hamlet’ complete with cottages, sheep, chickens, ponds, fields, and flowering meadows.  This is our adventure.

Entrance gates of gold

refurbished wing

fine furnishings

jewlers clock, gold and silver, of the ‘Sun King”

King’s Chapel ground floor

second floor

clipped gardens from window of palace

fancy puppy with fancy dress

relief carving of the king

hall of mirrors

kings bedroom

Palace facade to mile of gardens

“welcome to my humble home” _ “I have provisions for our walk among my gardens.”

running on the grounds

there are people far away in boats on the water in the grand canal over 1,000m long

to the palace

‘basin of apollo’ before fountains turned on

god the sun fountain, Apollo’s horses racing across the sky

Marie Antoinette’s grounds, a temple in the meadow

Petit Trianon

built playthings, a waterfall from sculpted rock and classical music room

the ‘hamlet’ from a flower meadow

lighthouse in the hamlet

quaint life of a queen

Petit Trianon front facade

edge of the hamlet, sheep grazing and people on rented bikes

from the palace to the grand canal, our visit to Versailles is complete.  Back to Montmartre on the train!

all our european belongings in the Paris rail station on the way to the airport (May 25, 2009)

Paris to Washington D.C.

a scary ‘time to destination’ 7hrs 46min

back in Kansas City, the end of our long and eventful study abroad


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