green and windy in late May

it might seem strange, but I was more homesick for italy than I have ever been for any other place.  Maybe it’s because I always have known that it’s not that hard to go back, but clicking my ruby slippers isn’t going to take me more than a few hours in Kansas, Tuscany must have some other type of footwear clicking required.  Maybe leather boots from Florence or something.

Besides a general sadness of being home from Europe and the realization that the economic prospects for working at  an internship were completely gone, it wasn’t so bad to be home.  I had things to do.  Working in the yard, in the gardens, gathering roses, watching storms, watching television, and shopping at big grocery stores.  Chips and Salsa! Reliable internet and jogging in the morning with watercolor in the afternoon.  Plus, there were people to visit in eastern and western Kansas, family I hadn’t seen or even talked with since January.  It was all good, just unexpectedly bittersweet.

on the drive home from KC

my aunt’s garden


Greensburg, Art Building

visting old friends

attending birthday suprise parties!

growing prize veggies


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