iron city

Hi there!

There has been lots of travel this summer, many hours on the road.  I have likely spent less than half the summer in my own apartment, the rest of the time visiting or traveling with family and friends.  Some of the highlights include a road trip to Pittsburgh-Gettysburg-Lancaster with my parents, a week with my brothers, several nights with my friend Jim in his new place in KC. 

During my travels to Pittsburg, my new Canon EOS Rebel 550 arrived, after much struggle with an online electronics company from New York.  My wonderful friend Rachel was taking care of my plants (lots of plants) and was nice enough to spend part of her afternoon camping out waiting for the shipment to come. Since the camera didn’t come before I left, I decided to make a camera adventure out of it anyway, I took along my parents fully manual Minolta and two lenses. I think many of the images may have been slightly over exposed, but for the most part I had a lot of fun practicing with it.  You will likely be able to see which were taken by the old Minolta and which by my old point and shoot camera that traveled to Europe and back with me.

Pictures from my time in Pittsburgh- Gettysburg/Lancaster to follow in a few days. There are simply too many photos for one post. :)



Fallingwater_ hour and half southeast from Pittsburg_ designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kaufmann Family of Pittsburg

Phipps Conservatory_ Oakland, PA an adjacent city to Pittsburg


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